9 Fashion Tips to Pull Off Pastel Grunge

Getting the most out of your new Pastel Grunge look.

The best thing about trends is that they are cyclical—if you missed a fad the first time around, wait long enough, and it will be back, albeit usually with a bit of a twist. Such is the case with pastel grunge, which takes the 90s grunge fashion style and combines it with a more delicate color palette. Incorporate a little grunge aesthetic clothing flair into your own personal style by following these tips:

1. Pastel hair

Pastel Grunge Pink Hairstyle Style with Buns
Source: Tumblr

This is one of the easiest, but boldest changes to make—making your hair needs the color of cotton candy.
Pink is extraordinarily popular, as are blue and purple, or you can be very daring and allow your inner rainbow unicorn to come out and play by doing several colors at once.
You’ll look awesome with edgy pastel aesthetic outfits!

You can also check these crazy hair color ideas if you are looking for more dyed hair inspo!

Pastel Grunge Pink Hair Tumblr
Source: Weheartit


Pastel Grunge Multi Colored Hairstyle
Source: Weheartit



Another Picture of Kayla Hadlington's Pink Hair Hairstyle
Source: Instagram


Pastel Goth Blue Long Hairstyle
Source: Weheartit

The green ombre hair color is a classic among the grunge crowd, it mixes beautifully with the pastel grunge aesthetic.

2. Pastel lipsticks

Nyx Purple Lipstick

Match your new Easter egg-inspired hair hue/s with some pretty pastel lipstick. Pink has been a standard in most makeup bags for years, but don’t limit yourself to just pale pink. Blue, lilac, creamy yellow, and even green lips are now seen as suitable for everyday use (not just for Halloween!)

Lime Crime Unicorn Lipstick - D'Lilac

Purple Lipstick Makeup idea with Lavender Hairstyle

3. Dark lipstick

Pastel Grunge Dark Lipstick Makeup with Purple Hairstyle and Choker
Source: Weheartit

There is such a thing as too much. Contrast is important in fashion, and a great place to bring in a little contrast with the pastel grunge look is with your lips. In other words, don’t forget the second half of the trend: grunge. Which, in case you were too young (or, you know, not born) to remember, looked like this:

Courtney Love Rolling Stone Cover
Courtney Love on the cover of a 90s Rolling Stone

Nina Gordon & Louise Post of Veruca Salt
Nina Gordon and Louise Post of Veruca Salt, a fantastic 90s band. (Seriously, if you haven’t heard of them, check out “Volcano Girls” and “Seether”)

And an easy, cheap(er) way to add contrast is with some simple dark lipstick, especially if you decide to go with pastel hair and light/minimal eye makeup. Dark lips will really make everything POP, and black lips especially will give you more of a gothic edge.

4. Rediscover Combat Boots

Pink Dr Martens Boots
Doc Martens were the shoe to have if you wanted to take part in grunge during its first appearance in the 90s and the same is true for the current pastel grunge style trend.


Dr Martens Alix White Boots

Pastel Dr Martens Boots

Alright, just pastel shoes in general!

Doc Martens are the grunge standard, but if you’re like me—someone who finds them too clunky on her tiny feet and who lives in a climate not particularly well-suited for boots.

You can take a look at these Dr Martens outfit ideas for women for a more traditional grunge look.

Then you can substitute the Docs for a pair of pastel Converses shoes. They’ve gotten in on the trend as well.

Soft Grunge Star-painted Canvas Converse Shoes

Pastel Pink Canvas Converse with Floral Tongue Shoes

Or are you more of a ballet flats person? Luckily, ballet flats and pastel colors go perfectly together. And don’t be concerned about ballet flats or heels not being considered “grunge.” With fashion, you don’t want to look like you’ve copied your look out of a textbook. Be original, let your own tastes shine through—if that means eschewing Docs for light and breezy flats, go for it.

Grunge Ballet Flats with Metal Spikes

5. Crop tops

Cute Pastel Outfit with Crop Top, Flower Headband, Sunglasses, Black Shoes and Floral Shorts

Perhaps not totally practical for those living in colder regions, but crop tops were a 90s staple. Combine them with other iconic 90s fashion trends–holographic elements, rips, band shirts, melted graphics—and you’re on your way to shine your new grunge pastel aesthetic look!

Grunge Outfit with Grey Crop Top, Chokers, Converse Shoes and Flannel

Pastel Grunge Outfit with Pastel Crop Top, Knee High Socks, Chokers, Black Shorts, Floral Converse Shoes and Black Purse

Grunge Outfit with Croptop, Denim Shorts, Flannel and Long Socks

6. Band shirts

Funny Joke Quote regarding Nirvana

There’s only one rule with band shirts—if you are going to wear the shirt, you need to AT LEAST be familiar with the music.

You don’t need to be a huge fan, or be able to recite their discography, but have a little bit of knowledge. Why? Because band shirts are often a conversation starter, especially at social events, and if you can’t hold your own in a discussion about a band whose shirt you are wearing, you look like a follower playing dress-up, which is not very impressive.

Grunge Outfit with Grey Crop Top, Chokers, Converse Shoes and Flannel

Pastel Grunge Led Zeppelin Inspired Outfit with Purple Dyed Hairstyle, Chokers Necklace, Septum Piercing, Black Lipstick and Sunglasses

Grunge Pink Floyed Inspired Outfit with Faux Leather Jacket, Beanie, Denim Shorts and Sunglasses

7. Denim Pastel Grunge Dyed Hairstyle with Nirvana Snapback and Denim Jacket
Particularly denim shorts & jackets, preferably ripped or attractively stained with signs of wear.

Kayla Hadlington's Pastel Grunge Outfit with Pastel Denim Jacket, Gray Sweatshirt, Pastel Skirt and Pink Sunglasses

For example, you could pair some pastel denim shorts with a black band shirt, some leggings (also it can be a great accessory), and some platform shoes and be a perfectly suitable for your outfit.

Pastel Grunge Outfit with Pastel Purple Dyed Hairstyle, Denim Jacket, Hat, Floral Band and Leggings

Denim Short with Purple Dyed Hairstyle, Long Socks and T-Shirt

Pastel Grunge Outfit with Pastel Purple and Blue Dyed Hairstyle, Cross Galaxy Graphic Printed Tee, Denim Shorts, Dr Martens Boots and Sunglasses

8. Platform shoes and creepers

Platform shoes and creepers look absolutely wicked when paired with some tights and short denim shorts. They are great for making an edgy pastel aesthetic look.

Pastel Grunge Inspired Creepers Shoes with Fishnet Socks

DollsKill Platform Pastel Blue Shoes
Bonus points if you can find some that are holographic or pastel.

Holographic Creepers Shoes

9. Spikes and studs

Studded Denim Jacket

Spikes and studs were incredibly popular in the 90s and they can give a not-so-pastel-grunge outfit just a little bit of that 90s flair. Incorporate them into your wardrobe by looking for studded/spiked shoes, jackets or vests, belts (but make sure the belt is visible when you wear it), or shorts, like the pastel ones featured above.

Studded Dr Martens Boots

Full Studded Levi's Denim Shorts

Pink Spiked Converse Shoes
And now…
You know everything you need to know about how to pull off pastel grunge from head to toe! Enjoy your new look!

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