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The best thing about trends is that they are cyclical—if you missed a fad the first time around, wait long enough and it will be back, albeit usually with a little bit of a twist. Such is the case with pastel grunge, which takes the grunge trend of the 90s and combines it with a more delicate color palette. Incorporate a little pastel grunge flair into your own personal style by following these tips:

1. Pastel hair

Pastel Grunge Pink Hairstyle Style with Buns
This is one of the easiest, but boldest changes to make—making your hair needs the color of cotton candy. Pink is extraordinarily popular, as are blue and purple, or you can be very daring and allow your inner rainbow unicorn to come out and play by doing several colors at once.

Pastel Grunge Pink Hairstyle Tumblr

Pastel Grunge Multi Colored Hairstyle

Another Picture of Kayla Hadlington's Pink Hair Hairstyle

Pastel Goth Blue Long Hairstyle

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