How To Dip Dye Hair At Home

How to Dip Dye Hair –

Have you seen one of these hair styles that has bright, colorful ends? Always wondered about dip dye hair? Is it something that you want to try, but don’t want to spend a ton of money on getting it done? If your answer to that question is yes, then this article is perfect for you.

Whether you’re looking to completely dye your entire hair in a bright color that stands out, or to dip dye the ends to give your hair style something unique, you need to know how to do it properly before you take on this challenge and pulling an edgy hair color style.

Forget spending a fortune at your local hair salon. Most people underestimate their own abilities to do many of these basic hair styling tips on their own and spend half of their week’s salary just to get it done. The truth is that you can dip dye your own hair just as effectively if you follow some simple and easy steps.

Pastel Pink Dip Dyed Hair Ombre
Keep in mind that there are basically four parts to this process: selecting the dye, preparing the area, bleaching, and color dipping. So let’s talk about these four major steps (and all those minor in-between steps) now.

Get ready to dip dye your hair!

Teal Dip Dye Hair Idea to try

If you are a natural blonde, then you don’t need to worry about choosing a bleaching or highlighting kit. Otherwise, you’ll need to choose a bleaching, highlighting, or pre-lightening kit. This is prepare the hair that you’ll be dyeing so it accepts the dye.

Manic Panic Bleach Kit Manic Panic is a great brand for dye hair

If you are blonde already and you want to look into darkening the ends, for example, then you need only pick up a darker color dye at your local pharmacy and you’re ready to go.
Second, you should look for the color dye that you want. Most people, when they head out to dip dye their hair, will want a bright color, something that’s going to stand out from the rest of their head (and the clothes they wear).

Dip dye hair, cable knit sweater & Jeffrey Campbell wooden platforms


You can basically go with any color you’d like, and don’t worry … the dye will wear off in time, so you don’t need to think you’ll be stuck with this color for the rest of your life.
You can shop online, go to your local supermarket or pharmacy, or even check out some dye selections at your favorite salon (of course, they might ‘warn’ you that it’s not a good idea to dye your hair yourself, but don’t listen to that … they just want your money).

Black to White Ombre Hair
Third, determine which part of your hair you want to dye. If you’re going for the full head of hair, fine. Most people only want to do a small section, at least at first, when they dip dye their hair for the first time.

Brown and Blue Dip Dye Hair

Preparing the Area

Now that you have the supplies, you need to get ready to dip dye. This means getting your work area prepared. You’ll want to work at a sink with simple access to a large mirror. You want to be able to see everything you’re doing.

At this point in your life, I’m sure you have had plenty of experience doing your hair and fixing it up while looking in the mirror, but you’ll have a bit of a challenge at times when you initially dip dye because the reflection can cause you to move your hands in the wrong direction, at least at first.
Cover the floor and any other surface you want to protect. Keep in mind that this dye is going to stain anything it touches, including your fingers if you don’t wear gloves. That’s a key reason why most dyes will come with a pair or plastic gloves.

Plastic Gloves for Hair Dye
Plastic Gloves are essential to protect your hands when dyeing your hair

For yourself, you want to wear a rain poncho, a cut piece of rag or wear clothing that you just don’t care about. Be prepared to throw whatever you’re wearing away though as they will most probably get stained from the process and will be ruined.
Just to be doubly sure, wrap an old towel or other fabric around your neck. Remember, that dye is going to stain anything it touches and you don’t want to have your neck turning the same color as your hair. How’s that going to work when you put your hair up?

How to dip Dde hair with bleach

Now it’s time to bleach the ends of your hair (unless you’re blonde). Follow the instructions for the bleaching agent or pre-lightening kit.

Next, you should part your hair just like you would normally do so that your hair style is as close to what you will have in the future. Otherwise you could end up with a scattered hair look with dyed strands all over the place.

Clip sections of your hair back until you’re ready to bleach them. By clipping your hair back, you avoid bleaching or dyeing those sections, keeping things nice and uniform. Use a comb or brush to apply the bleach; they keeps them uniform.
Wrap each bleached section with aluminum foil, what the allotted time (according the package instructions), and then rinse out.

Dyeing Your Hair

Black to Blue Mermaid Dip Dyed Hair Style

Dyeing is basically the same process as bleaching, but you’ll be using the dye this time instead. Apply the dye with a comb or smooth brush, wrap in aluminum foil, and the wait.
It could be 30 minutes to an hour, depending on the product. Then rinse out your hair and condition. You now have those dip dyed ends you always wanted! Enjoy!

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