How to Dress Like an Internet Princess

How to dress like an Internet Princess -

The interwebz is a magical place, full of unicorns, rainbows and kitties shooting lasers from their eyeballs.

All of these, as you surely know, mostly comes from Tumblr, this beautiful weird and cuteness place that only the internet can provide.

If you are like us, you love it so much that you are addicted and you can't get enough of it. So badly that even you are considering getting a style that reflect this Tumblr addiction. Well, today is your lucky day!

We'll show you some cool fashion items from Dollskill that will make you look like a princess. An internet princess, that is! These crazy items reflect perfectly the Tumblr world: 90's pop culture, weird fashion, aliens, glitchness and shininess everywhere!

So let's take a look at our selection! Shall we?


To start, here's a few crop tanks that we really loved!

Wish You The Worst Crop Tank – $15.90

Wish You The Worst Crop Tank - $12.72

I love this pixel cuteness!

Alien T-Shirt – $55.00

Alien T-Shirt - $55.00

Aliens are always awesome!

More Internet Princess at Dollskill

Here are some leggings:

 Everywhere Barbie Campfire Leggings by Wildfox Couture – $108.00

Everywhere Barbie Campfire Leggings - $108.00

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