Edgy Pastel Aesthetic Outfits Ideas

Are you looking for some edgy pastel aesthetic outfits? Then look no further! We have made a nice compilation of 19 pastel outfit ideas, so you can get inspired and create your new look!

To start it off, we’ll have to grab a mix of pastel goth outfits & kawaii style clothing.
There are a lot of edgy aesthetic outfits ideas that shows apparel featuring fishnet tights & pentagram items that will fit nicely with your new outfit.

Don’t forget to check out the model’s instagram accounts since they have much more cool pics. We can’t fit them all here!

Let’s start looking at these edgy pastel aesthetic outfit ideas:

  1. Pentagram corset, fishnet top & pink mini skirt with straps – by resauvi
edgy pastel aesthetic outfit idea by resauvi

2. Ring leather choker with tweety print top, pink shorts with fishnet tights – by resauvi

Pastel aesthetic outfit by resauvi

3. Pink choker with striped hand gloves, pink crop top/mesh, black shorts & fishnet pantyhose – by tara_pureheart

Pastel goth outfit by tara_pureheart

4. Pink ring choker with black bra top, corset & pink trousers – by bug21x

Pastel grunge outfit look by bug21x

5. Heart bone cross print pink top with lace trim mini skirt & leg garters – by stellaakkitty

Kawaii goth look by stellaakkitty

6. Studded choker with pink and white crop top, pink pleated lace up mini skirt, leg garters & pastel pink combat boots – by strawberry.tox

Soft grunge pink outfit by strawberry.tox

7. Black choker with cropped black and pink striped sweater, black crop top, pleated mini skirt, fishnet pantyhose with long socks & platform boots – by mirukurum

Kawaii core look by mirukurum

8. Heart metal vegan leather choker with black top, pink “Hello Kitty” cropped sweater, heart metal chains, lace trim pleated pink plaid mini skirt & fishnet tights – by mirukurum

Pink core outfit by mirukurum

9. White lace corset top, with heart buckle belt, pleated lace trim mini skirt, fishnet pantyhose & Mary Janes pumps shoes – by himebunni

Pink grunge look by himebunni

10. Lace floral with pink ribbons white crop top, black satin long gloves, lace trim pleated plaid mini skirt, leg garters, fishnet tights & Mary Janes pumps shoes – by himebunni

Kawaii aesthetic outfit by himebunni

11. Pink trim white crop top with pleated mini skirt, white pantyhose & striped long socks – by himebunni

Soft core look by himebunni

12. Pastel lilac corset crop top with pleated white mini skirt, “Anddie” printed long socks & platform pink shoes – by angelzgutz

Pastel aesthetic look by angelzgutz

13. Fluffy white shirt with black corset, lace trim pleated plaid mini skirt, lace trim white tights, black socks & Mary Janes pumps – by rabbit.locket

Pastel goth outfit look by rabbit.locket

14. White crop top with fishnet, pleated pink plaid mini skirt, white pantyhose, pink socks & sneakers – by lena_kitsune

Kawaii grunge outfit by lena_kitsune

15. Green pastel floral lace dress & platform Mary Janes shoes – by lena_kitsune

Soft grunge pastel look by lena_kitsune

16. Pink sweater with bats, black lace mini skirt & platform boots – by losttcreature

Pastel goth look by losttcreature

17. Pink velvet pentagram crop top, with fishnet gloves & pink velour trousers – by ebonyzombi

Pink pastel goth outfit by ebonyzombi

18. Pastel blue velour crop top with distressed denim shorts – by sakshichopraa

Pastel grunge look by sakshichopraa

19. Pink grunge outfit idea: studded choker necklace with lace-up pink top, knitted hand warmers, fluffy mesh mini skirt, striped long socks & spiked pink platform boots – by sxcorpionhoe

Pink grunge outfit idea by sxcorpionhoe

That’s it folks! If you liked this post, but you’re looking for a more edgy pastel-less look, we recommend you to check out the 90s grunge aesthetic look.

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