30 Pastel Goth Looks for this Summer

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Hello there Ninjas!

Here's a new Pastel Goth post for all of you that loves this style!
I had to dig deeply into Instagram to find all of these. It was kinda hard.

I think that Pastel Goth has run its course 🙁
But still! There's some great stuff there!
However, some of these looks could be identified as “nu goth“, “harajuku” or even “pastel grunge“. But you'll be the judge on that!

The next post will be about kawaii looks, since I've found some gems that I'm sure you'll love to see.

As always, check out these girls Instagram account, they list mostly all their apparel that they've used on the pics. You can click on the “source” link to find that out!

I hope you'll enjoy this post and be sure to share it to your friends!

Let's get into it

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