How to be Nu-Goth

Hey there everybody! Today we are going to talk about Nu-Goth, the darker sister style of Pastel Goth, but first, where did Gothic style came from?

 Well, Gothic takes its roots in the 70's within the Punk movement. Musical artists like Robert Smith from The Cure leaded the movement in its beginnings.

Joy Division also made a strong influence within this subculture. But also Nine Inch Nails & Marilyn Manson helped to popularize this genre in the 90's with their catchy Electronica + Heavy Metal music style.

Within the movies and TV shows we can see its influence in the old television show “The Addams Family” with their unique graveyard look in dress, along its respective remake in the movies with Christina Ricci as Wednesday Addams.

I'll stop wearing black when they make a darker color

Source: Tumblr

Added to that was the popularity of “Beetlejuice” & “Edward Scissorhands“, created by Tim Burton, who really pushed the Gothic aesthetic into the mainstream and made it chic. More recently within the mainstream goth popculture, we can see the character Lisbeth Salander based on the novel “The Girl with The Dragon Tattoothat also spawned two movies, a Swedish one and another remade by David Fincher, both exhibiting a new Gothic millennial style.

Nu-goth outfit: shirt, top, stockings and swing 220 boots (by Rosa Pekkanen)

Nu Goth Demonia Boots with Outfit

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