22 Style Tips on How to be a Scene Girl

Hey there! So you want to be a scene girl?

Gone is the days when emos packed out the movie theater or mall hallway near you, as a mass exodus has taken place from the darkness to the light. Brighter, more flamboyant, and fun-loving (happier?) versions of their deep and disturbed cousins, the scene subculture is growing exponentially.
From sad, depressant dwelling music, to upbeat and up tempo electro-rock, many have placed aside their black dyes for ones that pack a little more color and life.

For all those who are late on the scene train, and are intrigued by all of those colorfully vibrant clothing and accessory items bobbing around town, here is 30 style tips on how to be a scene girl.

1. Black eyeliner

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș1: Black EyelinerSource: Tumblr

One thing still remained when almost all else was thrown away, and that’s the classic heavy black eyeliner look. Cake that baby on to make those eyes pop, and don’t be weirded out if your eyes are reminiscent of a Japanese cartoon cat. Don’t be fooled, though, as there is a method to this madness. You may be thinking: I thought scene was colorful, what’s with the blackness? Well, my budding flower (neon?) child, the aim is to make color stand out like a scene kid in a record store — those shady hipsters.

2. Side fringe

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș2: Side fringeSource: Tumblr

Well, maybe it’s a little bit of an exaggeration to say “everything else” was thrown away, as many of the base attributes from emoism are found in the scene culture. One of these being the side fringe. It’s a staple in a scene girl’s hair repertoire, and no matter what length or style of cut you go for, you always must have the ability to shape a fringe in there somewhere.

3. Get a scene haircut

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș3: Get a Scene HaircutSource: Tumblr

First and foremost, like the previous point touched upon, the hair is the most important part of a scene girl’s look. If you somehow don’t have something that can be shaped into a scene do (Dreadlocks? Spray paint them and you’re good to go), then go and get a fresh cut. Ask for something slightly layered, where the tips look jagged and stripped — you’ll be the envy of Tumblr.

4. Add a color to your new hairstyle

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș4: Add a color to your new hairstyleSource: Weheartit

Don’t just add any color, though, and make sure it’s a bright one. Get that color maintained, so a weird faded look doesn’t crop up, or to stop regrowth color. Alternatively, you can do temp colors so you can try out different looks over a short period of time without breaking your bank

5. Piercings

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș5: PiercingsSource: Tumblr

We’re talking about those piercings that look like golf cues, smooth nails, or stakes (the vegan kind). Wherever you got a piercing hole, you can fill it up with one of these style busters. It’s more common — but also convenient — to have these in your ear as spacers, but more and more people are getting them in their lips and even noses.

6. Warm weather clothes can be scene too

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș6: Scene Girl with Faux Leather JacketSource: Weheartit

Sweaters and jackets can still be scene, you just have to know how to wear them — and what to wear in the first place. Studded, zippered up jackets can look a little Michael Jackson thrillerish, and you don’t have to get too extravagant to remain scene. Simple sweaters, cardigans, and jackets, can be really nice additions to your outfit, you just have to wear them with the right things. The accessories you choose will make up for any blandness these items carry with them, so just make sure your accessory choices are scene-plus.

7. Wear the beanie the correct way

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș7: Alt girl Wearing Black BeanieSource: Weheartit

If you do decide to get a beanie, there are a few ground rules. Well, there is only one, but you get what I mean. The rule is: keep that hair popping out the sides (and front). Don’t wear it like you’re robbing a bank, or at soccer training in zero-degree weather, wear it as if your hair is supporting its weight ever so slightly.

8. Ear Piercing Retainers

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș8: Girl wearing Ear Piercing RetainersSource: Tumblr

Ear Piercing Retainers are an essential element to any scene get up,  they are available in various colors, but the black one is the most popular. But feel free to try other colors!

9. Two-tone hair color

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș9: Two-tone hair colorSource: Tumblr

Getting more than one color in your hair will make you the scenest of them all. Some people have so many colors, it ceases to be a sensible thing to call it two-tone. Getting conflicting colors highlights the look, and you can use your base “natural” hair color to achieve this.

10. Plaid shirts

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș10: Scene Teen with Green Dyed Hair wearing a Plaid shirtSource: Weheartit

Every scene girl has to have at least one plaid shirt — even if it’s only ever used for selfies.

11. Scarves

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș11: Girl wearing a Scarf on winterSource: Weheartit

Wrap that neck up to keep it warm? Neh. Wear a scarf simply for the sake of it (unless your sweating up a storm in that thing, in which case, you should probably take it off). They do make brightly colored scarves, but in this instance, it’s not really necessary for it to be bright or fluro for the scene look to be acquired. Any scarf will do, really, and they just make for cool additions to outfits.

12. Headband to accentuate fringe

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș12: Headband to accentuate fringeSource: Tumblr

Don’t just wear a headband for no reason, as it has to have a purpose. Namely, to accentuate your hairdo. Pull it back to the middle of your head, so the back part of your hair pops, and your fringe stands out.

13. Converse All Star Chuck Taylors

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș13: Converse All Star Chuck TaylorsSource: Weheartit

Any type of Converse will do, but the All Stars are specifically scene-like. Colored shoes are increasingly rising in popularity in the culture, but the standard white and blacks are still the mainstays.

14. Go short or long with your hair, it can all work

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș14: Go short or long with your hairSource: Tumblr

Like mentioned previously, any length of hair will do, it just matters how you style it. Longer styles are often times the most extravagant, but shorter haircuts can still get you the look you want.

15. You can incorporate jewelry to freshen things up

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș15: You can incorporate jewelry to freshen things upSource: Weheartit

Thick beads, pendant necklaces, crystals and rocks, precious metals, and even crosses if that kind of thing floats your boat, it can all be incorporated into a scene look quite fluidly.

16. Wear a cool bow tie in your hair, just because

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș16: Wear a cool bow tie in your hairSource: Tumblr

Bow ties in the standard black and white are fine, but you can find many styles out there that all look cool.

17. Bandanas

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș17: BandanasSource: Tumblr

Bandanas aren’t just for outlaws, bikies, pirates, and weirdos, but don’t expect a brown hippy rag to fit in with your scene girl look. Pick the right one and it’ll be the best accessory you can find.

18. Straighten that hair

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș18: Straighten that hairSource: Weheartit

Crack out that straightener and fire that puppy up. Straighten that hair until it reaches streak mode and looks ripped and spike — it’ll accentuate any scene cut.

19. Skinny jeans

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș19: Skinny jeansSource: Weheartit

Skinny jeans are perhaps the most essential item in any scene girl’s wardrobe. You don’t have to wear them every day, but at least have a few that you can interchange. Colored jeans are also powerful items, and when worn with a pair of Chuck Taylors to match, they are phenomenal.

20. Scene vinyl Ts

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș20: Scene vinyl TsSource: Tumblr

Invest in a few scene-styled vinyl Ts. An endless sea of prints and styles gives you more options than you could ever need, so you’ll never have trouble finding great pieces for your collection.

21. Bangles and wristbands

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș21: Bangles and WristbandsSource: Tumblr

Band wristbands and bangles add another dimension to any Scene or Emo outfit. Layer them on, one after the other, in true scene girl fashion.

22. Phone case

Scene Girl Fashion Tip NÂș22: Phone caseSource: Weheartit

Even though you aren’t technically wearing your phone, everyone has a phone, so why not capitalize on its key role in your life by dousing it in some scene powder.

So here are the 22 Style tips on how to be a Scene Queen! If you are looking for some scene hair ideas, check out our 35 Awesome Scene Hair Ideas to Try Right Now post!

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