22 Fashion tips to rock the Nu Goth style

Hi Ninjas!

As we’ve covered previously about the Nu-Goth sub-culture, this post we will now give you in-depth tips on what to wear when you’re rocking the Nu-Goth style. Hopefully, these tips will give you some great fashion ideas, and maybe you’ll even feel inspired to create your own outfit ideas. Nu Goth is about picking and choosing, mixing and mashing, and molding things to fit your flavor, so don't hesitate to make something your own!
Without further ado, here are 22 fashion tips to rock Nu-Goth in style!

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    Seriously, put your list items on the same page. Forcing people to click through is annoying as hell and makes your website seem less like an actual site with content and more like a click-generating mass of landfill. I mean it’s not as if the pictures are your own content anyway, so literally what you’re offering is the text. You could at lease respect your audience and put more than 100 words on a page.