22 Fashion Tips to Rock the New Gothic style

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As we’ve covered previously about the Nu-Goth sub-culture, in this post we will now give you in-depth tips on what to wear when you’re rocking the New Gothic style. Hopefully, these tips will give you some great fashion ideas, and maybe you’ll even feel inspired to create your own outfit ideas. Nu Goth is about picking and choosing, mixing and mashing, and molding things to fit your flavor, so don't hesitate to make something your own!
Without further ado, here are 22 fashion tips to rock New Gothic in style!

1 – The Black Tee

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș1: Oversized Black Tee with Platform Shoes

This item is an absolute staple in any gothic’s wardrobe, and is a house favorite due to its versatility and flexibility. You can leave them plain, or add your own artworks, and don’t be afraid to mess one up — plain, cheap black Tees are fine, so don’t go wasting money on them.

2 – Get that body garter!

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș2: Black Body Garter

Garters are sexy! It's perfect to show your body with style! There are garters not only for full body, but also as bras! I love the ones that have the pentagram star form!

3 – Customizing tights

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș3: Cathedral Print Pantyhose

The black tight acts as a blank canvass for your creativity — let your juices flow and produce whatever wacky ideas they can. Tiger scratch rips add a layer of pop to your outfit, and if you have the time or energy, etching patterns onto them can take your outfit to the next level.

4 – Creepers and platforms

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș4: Platforms Shoes by Syberklaw

These shoes add new dimensions to your look, and can be worn with or without leg covering clothing, but do especially well with skirts and long socks.

5 – Armbands and wristbands

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș5 - Wristband with Spikes, Fishnet Tights and Creepers Shoes

A single banded wrist accessory will go well with a short-sleeved shirt, and a stringy wristband can add that feathery look to your outfit.

6 – Get creative with eye makeup

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 6: Nu Goth girl with Black Ombre Eyes Makeup

The basic black is always going to be the go-to color and style, but if you ever get sick of this, adding in some other colors can add a new feature to your look. Deep red is a growing favorite, but some Nu-Goths are going for dusty gray. The style you go for can also be changed up, and you can incorporate methods like sharp points and flares.

7 – Add a color to your hair

Nu Goth Fashion Tip Number 7 - Victoria Campbell Hair Alternative Style

Dying your hair jet black might get stale after a while, as not everyone is the same about this. Adding a bright color to your hair can be a constant feature that adds sparkle and brightness to any outfit. It can be especially contrasting if you’re wearing all black on black. Green, red, blue, and storm gray are all seriously excellent choices.

8 – You can do some interesting things with your hairstyle

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 7: Nu-Goth with Pinkish Lavender Bun Dyed Hair

Try some new hair tying techniques to make your look rounded off and complete. If you’re out of ideas, a few suggestions could be a double bun (sailor moon buns), a side fringe, or the frizzy piggy tails.
Alternatively, you can go all the way and get a new nu-do. Jet black bobs, front fringes, and even side shaves can add flare and edginess to your new look.

9 – Knee high socks

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș9 - Skeleton Garter Black Socks

Black knee-high socks with a frill skirt is a classic Nu-Goth look. They go great with flat forms and boot heels.

10 – Skeleton hair clips

Nu Goth Fashion Tip Number 10 - Skeleton Hair Clips

If you want a bit of noise added to your hair, skeleton hair clips are splendid if you also want to keep the Nu-Goth theme.

11 – Throw in some plaid or flannel

Nu Goth Fashion Tip Number 11 - Plaid skirt

If you want something you can throw into your look without taking too much away from the goth factor, plaid or flannel is perfect. Adding a bit of plaid to the tail end of your outfit adds something unique, and breaks up the blackness of Gothic nicely.

12 – Cross designs

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 12: Black Dress with Cross & Black Skirt

Many Gothics rock cross designs of various kinds, almost every time they appear in public. For many, it’s a staple, but for others, it’s a nice addition to an outfit. Sew or stamp them onto clothes for a DIY effect, otherwise, cross design clothing certainly won’t be hard to find for purchase!

13 – Dark lipstick

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 13: Dark lipstick

Ah, yes, black lipstick, a timeless Gothic practice. This plays more to the dark side of your attire, and can really stand out if your hair or neck region is brightly colored.

14 – Chokers

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș14: Chokers

Every few years it seems chokers get a buzz and then die out, well now is one of those times when it’s hot. If you’re showing off a lot of skin in your neck and chest region, and you feel as if that part of the canvass is to bear, a simple choker can remedy this entire issue.

15 – Claw finger nails/stiletto nails

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș15: Stiletto nails with Galaxy Sailor Moon Tights

Scary, frightening, dangerous, exciting. Stiletto nails bring the whole look to a raw, primal level.

16 – Collared shirts

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș16: Black Collared shirts

Can be worn without sleeves, or with sleeves, this is especially good for those days when you want one piece of upper body clothing on, without feeling too stripped back. Of course, black is always essential, but you can find two-tone shirts with a white tail that look amazing with black stockings.

17 – Show your tattoos off

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș17: Alternative girl with Flower Bra, Tattoos, Choker Necklace, Faux Leather Shorts & Green Dyed Hair

This subculture encourages tattoos (not really uncommon in this day and age, but still!), so show them’ off! Wear things that accentuate your tattoos, that show them to the world, things that make your tats come out of their shell.

18 – Get your septum done!

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș19: Septum Piercing with Black Lips

Ok, this may not be for everyone, but if you really want a piercing and everything feels played out, a septum ring is ideal (until it also gets played out, but whatever).

19 – Pentagrams

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 20: Pentagrams Necklace

Pentagrams are the epitome of goth derived culture. Having them on clothing definitely needs to be done, and black symbols on white pieces really make the pentagram seem even more vivid.

20- Black beanies

Nu Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 21: Alt Girl wearing Black Beanie

If you’re having a lazy day with your hair, or your hair is experiencing an ‘unworkable’ spell, throw on a beanie. Beanies are also good because they can cover large surface areas, and can be customized easily with prints and designs.

22 – Anything with cats

Nu-Goth Fashion Tip NÂș 22: Nu Goth girl with Black cat

Because who doesn’t love cats? >:3

So there it is! This is the best tips we can offer you to rock that New Gothic Style! If you have suggestions for this, or you think we missed the mark in any of these tips, feel free to comment!

Until then, see you next time!

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