17 Hipster Outfits to Try for this Spring

How do you resurrect the myth of clothing decadence when patent shoes have replaced the good ol’ bootie style? After all, planning an ensemble is paradoxical with the 90ish style that suggested a more laid-back approach to clothing.

Good thing about not living in the 90s anymore is that cliques are less tight than they used to be: as if! Anyway, the trend right now is more of a stylish fusion of fashion styles. Get what I’m saying? It’s no longer either glam or grunge –only- and nobody would point their finger at you (at least not to your face) for showing up in a flannel shirt to the next bash. After all, you can always say that your plane has just landed, straight from Minnesota!

So you dig hipster: big deal! You can find the most awesome leather boots together with the best-fitting jeans. Flowery dresses or denim shorts, it’s like almost anything can fall under this look provided you get the basics right.

Hipster rocks! And the best is that the style has not reached its full potential, yet. These days you can come across all sorts of outfits that combine the best of all fashion worlds and still manage to look sweet and sexy at the same time.

We present you with the ultimate list of some of the most attractive outfits you can come across. Surely you will find something to wear this spring that can mesh into that unique style of yours. Let’s get started!

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