How to Dress Glam Punk

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‘Punk' doesn't mean Mohawks and safety pins. It's about not conforming.

-Patrick Stump

Most punk girls you meet are probably more fashion conscious than any other girl. This is because Every clothing piece represents some sort of unique style that they accumulated through rare sellers, or original ideas they think are pretty and interesting. Not every punk fashionista needs to flip the bird and do heroine in the bathroom of a dive bar. It’s all about the attitude of sticking it to the norm and doing it confidently.

Everything is personal, a reflection of who they are as a person and what they like or dislike about fashion. One piece can be anti-fashion, another a political statement and simply just a piece of clothing they fancy. You don’t have to listen to hardcore punk music to dress the style, you just have to be yourself and not worry about people judging you when you go against the grain. Here are some basic outfit ideas for those of us who want to make a statement once in awhile but look glamorous while doing so.

Punk fashion is fascinating and resonates in and out of high fashion from time to time as it takes statements against the followers and questions common beauty standards.

Just as any other style, punk has evolved to include modern fashions.

Questioning anything and everything, to me, is punk rock.

-Henry Rollins

Get some shades.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Cat

Crazy sunglasses are a great way to show a punk attitude. It can be anything from stylish John Lennon style to neon green rounded shades. As long as you wear it with boldness it will have people wondering who you are.

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