Where to Get the Best Flannel Shirts

Look at any pictures of grunge kids from the 90s and you’re almost guaranteed to find flannel shirts among them. Grunge style was uncoordinated and purposefully thoughtless, featuring not just flannel shirts, but faded jeans and t-shirts, and combat boots. It’s not surprising that flannel was so readily adopted, as Seattle was the grunge movement’s epicenter, a place where temperatures can swing twenty degrees in one day.

A flannel shirt was an easy way to accommodate the chillier parts of the day, while being easily removable for warmer temperatures. Nineties style has come back with a vengeance, making appearances in fashion shows as recently as this year (2015). In the coming winter, find the best flannel shirts should be the ultimate goal for ladies looking to add a little bit of a 90s edge to their wardrobe.

Indie Grunge Girl with Flannel Shirt in the woods
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5 Ways to Wear your Best Flannel Shirts

Other than being the iconic 90s fashion item, flannel shirts are incredibly versatile and useful articles of clothing, especially in winter, when they not only keep you warm, but look good as well.

Cute Grunge Outfit with Flannels, Sunglasses and Doc Martens Boots
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  • Use them as cardigans

Star Trek tank top, Plaid Flannel Shirt, platforms boots and Wildfox Couture denim
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An oversized flannel shirt makes the perfect cardigan on chilly days. They look especially great over vintage t-shirts, particularly band tees—bonus points if they are faded. A pair of faded and/or ripped shorts, or a skater skirt, and tights, along with some Doc Martens boots.

  • For a chic, yet effortless, look pair a red and black flannel shirt over an all-black outfit.

Leap of Faith: Wolf Hat, Flannel Shirt, Tartan Converse, Lace Vest & High Waisted Shorts
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Black is a classic color that never goes out of style and the all-black outfit is a staple for winter and fall. Bring a little 90s style to your look by adding a red and black plaid shirt over it. Not only does it keep you warm, but it makes a fantastic way to punch up an outfit.

  • Wear it with a blazer for a more adult, professional look—think grunge kid all grown-up

Blazer with Thrifted Flannel Shirt

A snazzy blazer paired with a tucked in flannel shirt brings a unique look to the workplace and can be a great way to mix it up a little if you feel your professional attire has gotten a little stale. Top off the look with a scarf on colder days and a pair of cute boots.

  • Mix preppy and grunge with a sweater-flannel shirt combo

Wear a sweater over a flannel shirt and pull out the sleeves and collar of the plaid shirt for a fashion statement that mixes both preppy and grunge style for a hybrid look that can be easily dressed up for the office or other professional occasions.

  • Not ready to give up your summer dresses? Pair it with a flannel shirt!

Oversized Flannel Shirt Grunge Outfit Idea
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A summer dress can be made fall-appropriate by pulling on some knee-high boots and, of course, an oversized flannel shirt to keep warm while looking totally 90s chic. You can also pair your dress and shirt combo with tights and ankle boots, or even a pair of Converses, another popular 90s shoe.

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Where to get cool Flannel Shirts


On Etsy, you will find a wide range of fashion choices—green flannel shirts, red and black flannel shirts, flannel shirts with a variety of sleeve lengths, some with high collars or hoods—and for any budget. Some are even vintage, meaning that you can have authentic 90s style look. One thing to be mindful of is that “plaid shirt” does not always equal “actual flannel”. Some are not made from actual flannel material, and the shirts’ quality can vary, both the flannel and non-flannel ones. If you live in a warmer climate, you may be well-served by looking at the plaid shirts made with a thinner material, allowing you to get the 90s plaid flannel look without roasting in your clothing. Let the reviews be your guide—they can tell you all about the shirt’s quality and sizing.

Click HERE to visit Etsy.com

Forever 21

Forever 21

A second retail option comes from Forever 21, whose shirts are less creative, but are also less expensive with a greater selection. They come in almost every color and several different styles—hooded, high-collar, with/without front pockets, boxy, extra-long, sleeveless, short-sleeved, and regular button ups. Some styles start at just $15, making them the cheapest option out of the four shops profiled here. Their regular plaid flannel shirts start at around $20 and most do not go over $30. However, Forever 21’s quality is not always the best. When you buy from there, don’t expect to be purchasing a shirt that will last forever.

Click HERE to visit Forever21.com

We hope that this guide gave you a nice insight about where to purchase these cool vintage flannel shirts! Feel free to comment if you want to contribute with anything!

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