8 Gothic Ways to Rock Leggings

Looking for some cool and exciting ways to rock leggings in full-fledged Goth fashion? Well, you certainly came to the right place, my friends. You're probably also tired of wearing them the same ol' way, and think you should give them a miss next time you stroll out of your lair, but I'm here to assure you that this doesn't need to happen. Dust those leggings off and throw 'em on, and if you're unsure about how to make them feel less boring, this guide will give you 9 ways to revitalize your interest in the old fashionable leg tights.

I know a lot of gals also think of leggings as being slightly un-gothic (like the bastard cousin of the stocking), which is totally untrue, and leggings can make a wonderful addition to any outfit. You just have to know how to rock them, which might be tricky if you're coming from the camp that I just mentioned. Don't worry, I was once of this opinion, but that all changed when I stumbled across a plethora of examples of leggings being worn by Goths in stylish and fashionable ways, where they didn't at all take any gothicness away from the looks. Here are some great examples of what I'm referring to when I'm talking about leggings that are perfect for the Goth style

Pastel goth girl with white hairstyle wearing Pantyhose leggings

It might take some getting used to – looking at leggings in this new light – but I can assure you, once you see these 9 amazing ways, you'll be ecstatic to try them out the next time you're out and about. The trick is to get creative, to let your inner Goth-gal give you the intuition to guide you towards the right style choices that not only look good, but fit your own desires. This guide will certainly help you get on track to achieve this, but don't hesitate to take the tips and mould them to fit your needs. Get inspired, and get creative! So without further delay, let's begin!

1. Criss-cross design dress, with skeleton print leggings, and naked Creepers.

Criss-cross design dress, with skeleton print leggings, and naked Creepers

The skeleton print leggings – perfectly Gothic, and perfectly fabulous. Adding print to your legging game is a great way to freshen things up, especially if the rest of your outfit is less noisy and you want to bring some life into it. The legging is a blank canvas that's ripe for this role, and the skeleton design is primed for it. You can get them visiting our shop

I'd love to see a pair of combat boots with this look, and an overcoat could definitely work wonders on a day that requires a little more shelter from the elements.

2. Ripped black leggings, floppy Goth dress, and black boots.

Ripped black leggings, floppy Goth dress, and black boots

Adding a simple rip to a pair of leggings will give them a new dimension, and is a great way to freshen them up if you're over wearing plain black leggings. This look in particular showcases how a one leg thigh tear can add a new layer of depth to the outfit, which can be easily achieved even when the rest of the outfit is relatively nonchalant. Alternatively, if you're worried about ruining a pair of leggings (which is the goal, obviously, but I mean if they've now been rendered literally ruined beyond repair, which I have done multiple times, so don't worry, I feel your pain) then you can always buy a pre-ripped pair.

Boots go excellently with this look, but so to do a pair of sneakers, and in whatever style fits your preference.

3. Leggings with heels.

Leggings with heels

A bit of a dressier look, the heel legging combo is a duo that's witnessed a surge in popularity recently – and for good reason, might I add. Some people might think heels are out of bounds for the Goth style, but I disagree, as they can add an extra layer to the style that may or may not be necessary, but it certainly looks good.

This look goes better with the more pantyhose styled leggings, and a wide variety of styles can be utilized for the desired outcome.

4. Gartered leggings with a one-piece, and knee high lace up boots.

Gartered leggings with a one-piece, and knee high lace up boots

Bust out those garters ladies, and if you're thinking maybe you'll give this a pass, take a look at why I'm saying this. One word: gorgeous. When done correctly, rather than looking Moulin Rouge you'll look Gothic fab, and what more in life could you possibly want? Endless cheetos supply you say? Ok you won, moving on.

Here you see how a pair of knee high lace up boots cover up most of the leggings, but still give the leggings their place in bringing the whole look together. Garters are best worn in this fashion, but you could also wear them with a dress, with or without knee highs. Also, love the corset here, as it really brings the whole look and feel set by the garters, together.

5. Leather patch leggings in black with platform boots.

Leather patch leggings in black with platform boots

I adore the leggings that feature segments of material that are either leather or leather feel: it just gives layers to the legging that can't be achieved with other designs. Don't be afraid to rock these bad boys, and they are so versatile that you'll never find yourself without things to combine them with.

You can rock heels, boots, sneakers, creepers, and almost anything in between with these leggings, and they come in a massive variety of different patterns which is essential for the picky fashionista like me.

6. Leather leggings with Gothic designs.

Leather leggings with Gothic designs

Finding cool and unique prints on a snazzy pair of leggings is a fun exercise, but it's even more fun when you rock a pair of these beauties in real life. Once you get your hands on one of these, you'll know exactly what I'm talking about.

7. Lace and leather leggings with metal studding, and a studded biker jacket.

Lace and leather leggings with metal studding, and a studded biker jacket.

You probably never thought of leggings with studs, and I must say, neither did I until recently, and once I found out about them I can't say I was annoyed. In fact, I was so not annoyed that I went out and bought a few couple of pairs (ok maybe I splurged a bit, but that's a topic for another day).

8. Bat stockings!


Hey, what can I say, bats are the coolest animal in existence, so why wouldn't I want to honor them by having their likeness emblazoned on a pair of nice fitting leggings?

So mysterious, so unique, so free, and so dark – everything a Goth-gal adores.

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