35 Awesome Scene Hair Ideas to Try Right Now

Hello there! This post will be about a style that is kinda old right now; scene.

However, there's some goodies that I've found on Instagram that are really cute!

It took me some time to find these pics, some of them are not “scene” per se, they are pastel goth & nu goth, but I think they could also fit into the scene style. You'll be the judge!

Also, a lot of these pics features wigs, so if you want to see what they are, I suggest you to visit their IG accounts.
They mostly list all the wigs that they are using. They even provide coupons to purchase them! So be sure to click on the “Source” link below the pics!

I really hope you enjoy this post! If you want me to do more like these, please share this post & I will!

Lets begin!

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