12 Ways to Rock Pastel Goth Leggings

12 ways to Rock Pastel Goth Leggings - https://ninjacosmico.com/12-ways-rock-pastel-goth-leggings/

Hi everyone! Following our ultimate guide on how to look like pastel goth, we have compiled a nice selection of outfit ideas with Tights! These are A MUST for your outfits! They look great and are cute as hell.

Here are a few cute skeleton leggings that I really dig! Check them out!

Lets start with some Skeleton Leggings!

Pastel goth outfit idea: Skeleton leggings with skirt and creeper shoes


Pastel Goth Pink Hair Girl with Skeleton Leggings


Pastel Goth Blue Skirt with Skeleton Leggings and Creepers

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Pastel Goth Outfit - Skeleton printed Tights with Polka dot Shirt

let's not forget also Skull printed leggings!

Pastel Goth Skull Leggings with platform shoes

Of course that we cannot overlook bats leggings! They are equally awesome!

Pastel Goth Purple and Black Kawaii Bat Leggings


Pastel Goth Purple Shade Kawaii Bats Leggings


Bat Leggings With Creepers


Cute Bat Leggings

Cross Printed leggings are very stylish too!

Pastel Goth Outfit idea: Cross Leggings with Headspikes and pink hair dye

As we are talking about pastel goth, we also are referring to Cute Cats! Here are some Cats Printed leggings too!

Hello Kitty tights from Syndrome
Pastel Goth Cute Cat tights

 Of course there's a bunch more of styles! There's also normal stockings that goes very well with pastel goth dresses.

If you are looking for more, click on the image bellow! Leggings galore!

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Until next time!

-Ninja Cosmico

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