How to style Corset for a Night Out

Corsets can be fun, sexy, sultry, quirky, but also intimidating. If you’re thinking that you could never pull one off, you’re dead wrong. You just need to know which corset to use and how to style it for your specific night out, and with these tools, you’ll be able to wear your corset with confidence.

What You Need to Know Before You Style

There are a few different types of corsets, and knowing the differences between varying styles is pretty important when picking your outfit for the night. The varying styles of corsets all give their own unique benefits, besides than the classic, heavy boned Victorian era style that we all know and love. For example, if you know you’ll be moving around a lot like at a concert or club you might want to wear a light or non-boned corset.

Gypsy style corset

A corset with little-to-no boning will allow full movement which makes it a great option to wear to events that require dancing, excessive moving, or even just eating. You’ll surely be more comfortable without tight boning holding you together, but you won’t be as held into that hourglass shape as you would with a fully boned corset. You might slightly miss out on that hourglass figure, but you’ll still achieve some classic body shape purely due to the cut of corsets. Plus you’ll be more comfortable.

Cropped corset

Try wearing a cropped corset if you still want the support of boning, but not the tightness on your stomach. You won’t have to struggle with wearing a bra or even going braless with having the support of a cropped corset on top of having more freedom. Cropped corsets manage to keep that classic boned and lifted corset look, but also give the comfort of not having the boning all the way down your stomach.

Waist cincher

The last important corset is the waist cincher, which just goes around your waist to give that beautiful hourglass figure. Someone who’s amazing at pulling off the trend of a waist cincher is Kim Kardashian. These corsets are great for women who have larger busts and trouble finding clothing that can fit both their chest and waist. On the same note, this style is helpful if you have larger hips that can cause traditional corsets to feel tight and uncomfortable. Cinchers keep the waist and stomach held in, thus keeping the hourglass figure without the worry of fitting to your breast or butt. This option of getting an hourglass silhouette but still granting freedom to the body is convenient for those who desire keeping their waist small and staying relaxed.

Of course, on top of all this, there are also the differences in strapless or straps, fabrics, buttons, zips, or ties. But these are the major choices available that differ from the traditional full body corset. All of these options manage to give more body freedom than the full length, fully boned corset, and grant a new vibe to any look you might be trying to pull off.

Styling Your Corset

Now that you know the different styles of corsets available, you can decide what type of look your night out requires. You may want to look cool and casual. Maybe you want to look sophisticated and sexy. Perhaps you want to cover up a bit but still have the support a corset offers. No matter what look you want, a corset can give it. You just need to know the right pairing of accessories and clothing.

Cropped Denim corset

My favorite corset to wear is a cropped denim corset, which was the first corset I ever bought. These little items have versatility with the ability to go from casual to refined with the change of a shoe. Pair your denim corset with a pair of black skinny jeans, a flannel, and some sneakers for something low-key. If you want to come off a bit more sophisticated, but not stuffy, try a cute heel with a blazer and use your shoe to bring a pop of color to your outfit. This denim option is sound because you can dress it up or leave it casual.

Floral corset with high waisted skirt

If you’re opting for something more flirty and girly, you should pair your corset with an A-line, tulle, or circle skirt. I love the look of tool/fuller skirts with corsets because it gives the feelings of both romantic and sultry. For this outfit, you should opt for a high-waisted skirt and keep your corset tucked in. By tucking the top in, you’re gaining fullness on your lower half and a feminine shape overall. A cute pair of heels will add the ultimate feminine look; try a booty to provide coverage to the feet and balance everything out.

Corset with Boho Maxi Skirt

If short skirts aren’t your thing, you should try a maxi skirt with a corset. Pairing your corset with a maxi skirt gives a new boho feeling as well as a renewed softness. This is a much softer look than all of the others and is extremely comfortable. Who’s ever heard of an uncomfortable maxi skirt? If you use soft pastels, people won’t even realize you’re wearing a corset, which is great for a bonfire on the beach. Grab a jean jacket for some warmth, and you’re set for a comfortable night watching the waves.

Cropped corset with maxi skirt

For those of us who love crop tops wear a cropped corset with some long, loose pants. This outfit keeps the idea of a flowy bottom while accentuating the waist and upper body, and lengthens the legs. To really bring focus to your waist try wearing a pair of pants with a broader waistband like the above photo, which will allow the illusion of a smaller mid-section and longer leg. This is a great day-to-night look; if you wear a blazer, you can easily rock this look at the office and shed that extra layer for your night out. It’s a fun way to look both classy and sexy.

Corset and romper with a plunging neckline

A simple way to achieve an uncomplicated night out outfit is to grab a romper with a plunging neckline. Wear your corset underneath, allowing the corset to be viewed from the front. This is another great outfit to seem casual but classy in your corset, and when paired with a heel this pairing is perfect for going out. Because you’re in one piece you don’t have to worry about matching a pair of pants with a shirt, and when you need to go to the bathroom you won’t have the all too familiar problem of sitting completely naked in a public restroom. You can add a new pop of color to your outfit with your barely showing undergarment, and it’s a sure-fire way to bring new life to an old romper. Easy and fun this is a must try when styling your corset.

Corset with waist cincher jumper

Another easy tip to incorporate an hourglass shape is by using a waist cincher. A comfortable way to wear a waist cincher is to wear a loose dress or shirt with the cincher over top. This gives a new form to the garment, but also the comfort of wearing a loose piece of clothing. The cincher is a good way to dress up your outfit that makes it more night out appropriate. Using a cincher over-top of baggy clothes is a more modern style but a great way to look fashionable while wearing a corset. Choose a fabric such as leather or latex to bring a new edge to the outfit.

Kim Kardashian wearing a corset belt

If a waist cincher with a baggy dress isn’t your thing, wear the look with something tight and formfitting. This gives the same effect of drawing attention to the waist that wearing a large belt does, but with extra emphasis on shrinking the waist. If you just want to pull attention to your waist and figure, a waist clincher is the option to go for. You will get the look of a corset with the ability to wear whatever dress you please, and you’ll be bringing an original view to a normally average dress.

Corset tops with jeans

The simplest and most well-known way to style your corset is to wear the top with some nice jeans. To get a fresh sense try a floral or tribal patterned fabric, and to up your ensemble’s game, strut some heels. To obtain a sexier look try a strapless corset, and for something more conservative attempt to stick with thicker straps or even off-the-shoulder sleeves. Small details like straps, shoes, and pattern can make your corset look youthful and captivating. Though it may seem overly simplistic, wearing your corset with a pair of fashionable jeans can be a great, clean style that is perfectly suited for a casual night out.

No matter what tone you’re trying to set, there’s always a way to wear your corset. Knowing how to turn your single item from a sexy piece of lingerie into a fun, flirty top will bring your closet to a new and invincible level. With the right styling, you can easily wear your corset during your night out, and you will be able to look any way your heart desires.

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