Sailor Moon Fashion special

 Welcome to a very special post regarding one of our favorite anime here at Ninja Cosmico. Of course, we are talking about Sailor Moon.

If you are a big fun just like us, you surely must know that a new version of the anime was released recently, which is pretty much akin to the original manga.

As we were watching the new episodes, we noticed that there's a lack of “Sailor Moon-ess” in our blog, so we decided to remedy this by writing our own Sailor Moon Fashion Special Edition!

We started by looking into StoreEnvy (a favorite of ours) for neat outfits inspired on our favorite show, and we found various gorgeous Sailor Moon themed indie items:

Moonlight Legend Shirt (Ships November LIMITED Preorder) -  from Miss KikaMoonlight Legend Shirt (Ships November LIMITED Preorder) Р $60.00

PRE-ORDER Star Locket -  from Kuma CraftsStar Locket – $40.00

Sailor Moon Tote Bag [Japanese Harajuku]Sailor Moon Tote Bag [Japanese Harajuku] – $28.00

 Remember that all of these items are limited since they are made for fans and are not really licensed, so grab them while you can!

We will keep posting more cool items as kawaii as those showed above, so stay tuned!

-Ninja Cosmico

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