How To Do Goth Makeup: 10 Amazing Looks For You To Try!

Are you bored with your look and want to try something a little bit more dramatic and dark? Don't worry, we have the perfect solution for you: goth makeup.

Both edgy and elegant, the goth aesthetic is one of the most versatile trends in beauty history. The best thing about this makeup is that there are multiple ways to adapt it to your goth outfit  —which means that you'll have tons of fun experimenting with it!

So prepare your cauldron and books on the occult because today we're showing you 10 cool goth makeup looks for you to try. But first, let's talk about the origins of this long-lasting beauty trend.

Goth Make-up Look
Source: @ghost.cvlt

A Brief History of Goth

Goth began as a subset of the UK punk movement in the late 1970s and early 80s. But rather than identifying with nihilism and anti-establishment values, goths were fascinated by darkness. Classic literature and B movies from the 1950s also played a huge part in inspiring this aesthetic.

Regarding music, one of the most important figures in the movement was English singer Siouxsie Sioux, whose look set the blueprint for what goth would become.

Gothic Style: Souxsie Sioux
Credit: Rino Magazine/Siouxsie Sioux

How to do goth makeup

Although there are virtually no rules to goth makeup, the style is characterized by its heavy use of dark hues. Black is the go-to color for any goth, and so are dark red and purple.

Another staple of a goth makeup look is the use of light foundation, at least two shades lighter than your natural skin tone. This is done in order to give an ethereal, almost doll-like vibe to the overall look.

In summary, dramatic and theatrical makeup are the main elements of this beauty trend. For example, winged eyeliner and black eyeshadow will definitely add a fierce dimension to your look.
Still, because goth makeup is so versatile, there are multiple ways in which you can play around with these components.

Up next, we'll share some goth makeup ideas to inspire you. Try them out!

Goth eye makeup
Source: @vesmedinia

Trad Goth Makeup Look

In the traditional goth makeup look, which surfaced with the original goth movement in the 1980s, disheveled or backcombed hair are common traits. Dark eyeshadow, Egyptian-inspired eyeliner and geometrical makeup are also defining characteristics of the classic gothic makeup look.

Trad Goth Makeup
Source: @cathrsys

Cyber goth makeup

This trend was inspired by animes such as Akira and Ghost in the Shell. Hair and makeup include faux dreadlocks, colorful hair, thin gothic eyebrows and neon hues — all of which are usually accompanied by platform boots and leather skirts to give a futuristic and dystopian vibe.

Cyber Goth Makeup
Source: @bluexastrid

Pastel goth makeup

If cybergoth and classic goth makeup are a bit too much for you, you might want to try the pastel goth aesthetic style. While makeup is still bold, the color scheme is more subtle than others on this list. Like its name reveals, pastel goth uses pastel colors such as pink and lilac instead of going for an all-black vibe, giving it a cute goth makeup look .

Source: @cyberkitty_____

Goth glam makeup

This gothic makeup idea is perfect for adding a dramatic yet glamorous vibe to your look. You can create a smokey eye using black and other dark-colored eyeshadows and pair it up with eyeliner. In order to keep it subtle, leave the rest of the face somewhat neutral with nude lipstick and a bit of bronzer.

Goth Glam Makeup
Source: @baileysarian

Gothic lolita makeup look

This trend is a mixture of Japanese Lolita and gothic fashion. Red lipstick and neatly defined goth eye makeup are characteristic of this style, which give a highly feminine and doll-like vibe to the look. These are often paired up with black Victorian-inspired clothing, such as dresses and corsets.

Gothic Lolita Makeup
Source: @cyberkitty_____

Casual goth makeup look

This is likely the most laid-back trend in this list. While dark-colored clothing and makeup remain important elements, the overall aesthetic is fairly toned down. Red or black lipstick are frequently paired with thin eyeliner and a bit of mascara to give a well-put together and casual vibe.

Simple Goth Makeup look
Source: @noxiouslair

Romantic goth makeup

Like its name suggests, this trend is all about love and romance —inspired by Victorian literature and fashion. Makeup usually includes light-colored foundation, as well as soft blush and black eyeliner. If you're feeling playful, you can add some patterns around your eyes or even beauty marks.

Romantic Goth Makeup
Source: @melyna_aelyssxenia

Vampire goth makeup

This eerie makeup trend is literally about replicating the look of a vampire. Black, purple or red are the preferred colors for this style. Like many on this list, dramatic eyeliner and eyeshadow are a must. Bold lipstick and faux vampire teeth are almost always included, and so are pointed nails.

Vampire Goth Makeup
Source: @melyna_aelyssxenia

Hippie goth makeup

Inspired by Wiccan and Celtics, this trend includes symbolism and imagery of these ‘dark' religions. However, much like casual goth, the makeup can be fairly subtle: nude eyeshadow and a bit of mascara often do the trick. Also, eyebrows tend to be rather thick to give a natural vibe.

Hippie Goth Makeup
Source: @moona.autumn

Tribal goth makeup

Because this trend emerged at the height of belly dancing's popularity, it mixes Indian and Middle Eastern elements with the classic goth aesthetic. For example, black or dark red eyeshadow are often paired up with bindis and nose rings. Tribal goth makeup also includes thin eyebrows and dramatic eyeliner.

Tribal Goth Makeup
Source: @roses_for_rome

That's a wrap!

Now that you've learned all about the different goth makeup looks, go ahead and try it out! And don't forget to check out our store for goth clothing!

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