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    32 Cute Dyed Haircuts To Try Right Now

    Hi Ninjas! Here’s a new post featuring 32 cute dyed haircuts to try right now! There’s pretty much all the colors of the rainbow in there! I really like the ones with pastel colors and bangs! But I also dig the braids ones! They look badass! I hope you’ll enjoy this post & be sure […] More

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    30 More Edgy Hair Color Ideas Worth Trying

    Hello friends! For today’s post I’ve made another selection of 30 edgy hair color ideas. But I’ve also added the makeup details for most of the images. I know a lot of you will love these looks! So let’s begin! 1. by katanvka Hair dye:  +  + Lashes: + Eyeshadow: +  +  Lips: + Highlighter: More

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    +50 Bold Makeup Looks to Try

    Hi friends! Today’s post will show you more than 50 bold makeup looks that you can try! Caution: These are pretty heavy makeup for the skin, so I recommend that if you ever try any of these looks, you use facial Moisturizer (such as ) and wash cleanser (such as ) so you skin stays […] More

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    35 Edgy Hair Color Ideas to Try Right Now

    Hi friends! Today’s post will show a nice compilation of 35 edgy hair color ideas that you can try! These are mostly dyed hair, but maybe there are some featuring wig. I’ve tried to search for only dye hair. I’ll do a wig post in the near future since they are also really cool! Most […] More

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    32 Sleeve Tattoos ideas for Women

    Hello! Today’s post is about 32 sleeve tattoos ideas for women. They are beautiful and there’s too many of them! I can’t chose my favorite! Some of them are not sleeve tattoos, but I love them so much that I’ve decided to add to this post so I don’t forget them. Which one do you […] More

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    36 Studio Ghibli inspired Anime Tattoos

    Hi friends! As we are big fans of Hayao Miyazaki films, we made a collection of 36 Studio Ghibli inspired anime tattoos ideas for you! There’s from “My neighbor Totoro“, “Spirited Away“, “Princess Mononoke” & “Howl’s moving castle“! So check them all! Be sure also to visit the tattoo artist’s Instagram accounts since they have […] More

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    22 Breathtaking Make-up ideas found on Instagram

    Hi friends! I’ve compiled 22 Cool Makeup ideas found on Instagram. They are of various styles. Some more striking that others, but they are absolutely gorgeous! I recommend clicking on the Source link of each pic so you can go to their Instagram where you’ll get all the make-up details. And also follow them because […] More

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