8 Awesome Melanie Martinez Outfits to Copy Now

8 Awesome Melanie Martinez Outfits to Copy Now

Hi there Ninjas! Today I'm going to show you some outfits idea from a cute 20 years old musician named Melanie Martinez, maybe you have heard of her 😉 If you didn't, you can listen her music right here on Spotify. I love her style! Some people says that it's Pastel goth, others says it's soft grunge. I really can't tell what her specific style is, I think it's subjective, but it's cute as hell!

For this, we have selected 8 pictures featuring Melanie in various outfits. We tried to find all the apparel on internet, but some are custom and are pretty much impossible to find. Others are out of stock, but we added them anyways so if they reappear on the stores. You can check them out by clicking the links below the images. So lets start!

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