The basics of grunge makeup, from winged eye liner, to smokey eye shadows, and easy lipstick ideas

First and foremost, we need to get the basics covered. There are a few, I would say, fundamentals to grunge makeup that should be considered, although nothing is a must every single time grunge doesnt really have any commandments like that. But just for reference, here are some of the basic yet stylish and aesthetic looks that can be achieved with a simple grunge makeup finish.

Grunge inspired makeup look: Avon Lipstick Dark RedSource

This shows a simple yet effective eye liner that can really do far more to a look than youd think. It makes eyes pop and stand out, and is a favorite in the grunge scene. Its called the winged eye liner effect, and this one has been done in a jet black finish making it all the more bold and fierce.

Black Smokey Eye Chocolate Bar Palette Makeup LookSource

Another fine example of a well-executed winged eye liner, so simple yet so effective. Its enhanced even more by having a defined brow, with different angles and styles producing different yet measurably great results.

Pretty Eyeliner Makeup LookSource

This shows how you can combine the winged lashes with other features for a more complete and extravagant look. The lustrous lashes add fullness to the eye, and I simply cannot get enough of full and plump lashes can anybody?

Urban Grunge Makeup LookSource

This urban inspired look showcases how you can bulk up your eyelashes just slightly, and combine it with a light eye shadow to have a totally chic and picturesque appearance.

Jaclyn Hill Beautiful Eyes MakeupSource

This look features a full and thick lash game that when combined with the striking eye liner really does make the eye pop and stand out. The black shadow is not overdone, but adds a little extra touch to the look. This one would be perfect for summer months simple, easy, but well and truly enough to get the job done.

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