28 Rainbow hair colors ideas

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Hi there friends! Today I've collected a nice collection set of rainbow hair color ideas! 28 to be exact.

I've added a LOT of pictures from Hieucow, as a matter of fact, I'll even call her the “Rainbow Queen“, because her hair is so fabulous! You can check out the following pages to see her beautiful hairstyles!

There's also pictures from shelleygregoryhair, hairbykaseyohhairbyjessysilva, Amy the Mermaid, Zoe London and Kayla Hadlington

Also I recommend Guy Tag, who is a hairstylist from West Hollywood. He does a lot of types of hairstyles, not only rainbows ones, so check him out!

Without further ado, check out the pictures below!:

1. Rainbow pastel hair braids with accessories

Rainbow pastel hair braids with accessories

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