The fashion world has decided to take the 90’s by storm. From brown lipstick and flower dresses to kawaii fashion and chokers. One of these styles is the two buns also known as “Space Buns”. One could spot a young Gwen Stefani and wild Drew Barrymore sporting them in the early and mid 90’s. This hairstyle is great for summer as it is easy and keeps you cool while still looking fashionable.

1. Simple tuck under

Slightly curled works best for this look. Just put your hair into two pig tails and tuck under the rest of the hair. Hot and easy to swim in at the beach!


Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Carolina Kenney MUA/Styling: Tara Hutchison

2. Tight and Twisted

This look is much tighter and more put together. After putting your hair into pig tails, take two sections and twist them together. Follow by wrapping them around to make the bun. To add volume, pull the pieces gently to create a bigger bun.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Kahla Grey MUA/Stylist: Tara Hutchison

3. Down and Messy

This look is very messy and accessorized. You can use pretty much anything for accessories: hair clips, bows, necklaces and anything that screams kawaii fashion is adorable as hell.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Janette MUA/Styling: Tara Hutchison


This look is tight pig tails with super messy buns and daisy clips.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Kahala MUA/Styling: Tara Hutchison

5. Straight and down.

Straighten your hair and pull two sections up for small cat ear-inspired buns.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model/MUA: Tara Hutchison

6. Music Flower Child

These space buns are all about free hair and messy sex. The purpose is to look like you just threw your hair up effortlessly, rather than fight with it for half an hour like most of us do.

Photo by: Larry Alan Model: Dani MUA/Styling: Tara Hutchison

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